OTOLARYNGOLOGY (Ear, Nose and Throat)

The difference between an artificial or natural look is in the expert hands of our Dermatologist.

Working with the best equipment and the most modern infrastructure we consider diagnoses and more effective treatments, taking into account the patients unique symptoms and providing information on prevention, early detection, diagnosis, care and rehabilitation of all ENT diseases.


  • Diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss in adults and children.
  • Evaluation and treatment of dizziness.
  • Endoscopic techniques of the ear, nose and throat.
  • Microscopic techniques for nasal and ear exploration.
  • Biopsies of the ear, nasal passages and throat.

Medical and surgical treatments

  • Hands on rehabilitation techniques for vertigo.
  • Extraction and aspiration of wax under microscopic control using a combined technique.
  • Treatment of otitis. (ear infection)
  • Treatment of nosebleeds by cauterizing the nostrils.
  • Surgery of nasal obstruction (polyps, septum, rhinosinusitis) by endoscopic and radio frequency techniques.
  • Paediatric surgery of the adenoids and tonsils by laser and radiofrequency techniques.
  • Paediatric surgery for otitis.
  • Surgery to lessen snoring.
  • Surgery of the vocal cords (hoarseness).
  • Surgery for tumours of the cervical region.
  • Ear surgery under local anaesthesia.
  • Intratympanic injection of drugs.
  • Surgery for deafness.